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In this paper we give a logical semantics for the class CC of concurrent constraint programming languages and for its extension LCC based on linear constraint systems. Besides the characterization in intuitionistic logic of the stores of CC computations, we show that both the stores and the successes of LCC computations can be characterized in(More)
In this article we present the Biochemical Abstract Machine BIOCHAM and advocate its use as a formal modeling environment for networks biology. Biocham provides a precise semantics to biomolecular interaction maps. Based on this formal semantics, the Biocham system offers automated reasoning tools for querying the temporal properties of the system under all(More)
There are two somewhat contradictory ways of looking at modules in a given programming language. On the one hand, module systems are largely independent of the particulars of programming languages. On the other hand, the module constructs may interfere with the programming constructs, and may be redundant with the other scope mechanisms of a specific(More)
CLPGUI is a generic graphical user interface for visualizing and controlling the execution of constraint logic programs. CLPGUI has been designed to be used in different contexts: initially for teaching purposes, then for debugging complex programs of real-world scale, and recently for developing end-user interfaces. The challenge of developing a tool which(More)