François Féral

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Schizophrenia is a frequent disorder since it affects about 1% of the general population. Drug compliance, that is to say patients' adherence to their treatment, remains rather poor concerning this disease with, on an average, one patient out of two not complying with his/her medication. Among the factors influencing drug compliance, we focused on patients'(More)
Despite the availability of new treatments, the antipsychotic effectiveness of clozapine has not been matched yet. Unfortunately, its regulation is limited by the side effects. The most detrimental is the hematologic toxicity (neutropenia and agranulocytosis) which requires a regular biological monitoring. Treatment with clozapine must be stopped in those(More)
The need for effective governance of the marine protected areas (MPAs) in leastdeveloped countries (LDCs) is commensurate with the significant territorial stakes raised by their extensive maritime domain. Another significant challenge is the conservation of biodiversity and of ecosystems whose level of productivity is similar to that of coral reefs (e.g. in(More)
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