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RESUME : L'analyse de l'actualité révèle un nouveau paradigme de la biologie : la Biologie InStrumentée par les Technologies de l'in-formation (BIST), marquée –entre autres – par la gestion d'une information surabondante. Alors qu'on aborde généralement l'actualité sous l'angle de la vulgarisation, cet article défend l'idée que le rôle de l'école est plutôt(More)
Evolution teaching is difficult " Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution (Dobzhansky, 1973) it is, however, a tricky topic for teaching as most learners come to it with previous knowledge and it is fraught with misconceptions (Bishop & Anderson, 1990). And of course evolution teaching is a contentious issue (Skoog, 2005). Evolution(More)
Information technologies (IT) can be used to support teaching. On the other hand, Biology is deeply changing with IT, creating massive amounts of new data and new tools, available through the web. New ways of building knowledge emerge. This could cause information overload. However these authentic tools and data can be an opportunity: rather than popularize(More)
Title : Adapting teacher training to new evolution research approaches. Abstract : As evolution research methods have evolved to include new genomic approaches, based on freely available data and tools, an opportunity for proving and teaching evolution has been translated into teacher training programs in Geneva. The data from countless entire genomes (DNA(More)