François Dubos

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Dehydration secondary to gastroenteritis is one of the most common reasons for office visits and hospital admissions. The indicator most commonly used to estimate dehydration status is acute weight loss. Post-illness weight gain is considered as the gold-standard to determine the true level of dehydration and is widely used to estimate weight loss in(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Distinguishing between bacterial and aseptic meningitis in children is sometimes difficult. Guidelines recommend that patients with acute meningitis be systematically hospitalized and treated with antibiotics until the cerebrospinal fluid culture results are available. This strategy ensures rapid treatment for bacterial meningitis, but(More)
BACKGROUND Early recognition and treatment of meningococcal disease improves its outcome. Haemorrhagic rash is one of the most specific signs that parents can learn to recognise. OBJECTIVE To determine the percentage of parents able to recognise a haemorrhagic rash and perform the tumbler test. METHODS 123 parents of children consulting for mild(More)
BACKGROUND Of major concern in any febrile child presenting with a seizure is the possibility of bacterial meningitis (BM). We did a systematic review to estimate the risk of BM among various subgroups of young children with a first seizure in the context of fever, and to assess the utility of routine lumbar puncture (LP) in children with an apparent first(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the best clinical decision rules (CDRs) for diagnosing group A streptococcal (GAS) pharyngitis in children. A combination of symptoms could help clinicians exclude GAS infection in children with pharyngitis. DESIGN Systematic review and meta-analysis of original articles involving CDRs in children. The Pubmed, OVID, Institute for(More)
BACKGROUND Lower respiratory tract infection is a common cause of consultation and antibiotic prescription in paediatric practice. The misuse of antibiotics is a major cause of the emergence of multidrug-resistant bacteria. The aim of this study was to evaluate the frequency, changes over time, and determinants of non-compliance with antibiotic prescription(More)
Despite increasing reports that Blastocystis infection is associated with digestive symptoms, its pathogenicity remains controversial. We report appendicular peritonitis in a 9-year-old girl returning to France from Morocco. Only Blastocystis parasites were detected in stools, appendix, peritoneal liquid, and recto-uterine pouch. Simultaneous(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Plain radiographs may fail to reveal an ankle fracture in children because of developmental and anatomical characteristics. In this systematic review and meta- analysis, we estimated the prevalence of occult fractures in children with acute ankle injuries and clinical suspicion of fracture, and assessed the diagnostic accuracy of(More)