François Deroussen

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Congenital pseudarthrosis of the tibia remains one of the most difficult orthopaedic problems. We describe early excision and the use of the Masquelet technique to reconstruct the bone defect in a child aged 14 months. Consolidation sufficient for complete weight-bearing was achieved by seven weeks. After two and a half years, the child was asymptomatic(More)
Prolonged vibration is known to alter muscle performance. Attenuation of Ia afferent efficacy is the main mechanism suggested. However, changes in motor cortex excitability could also be hypothesized. The purpose of the present study was therefore to analyze the acute and outlasting effects of 1 h of Achilles tendon vibration (frequency, 50 Hz) on the(More)
INTRODUCTION In pediatrics, Masquelet's induced membrane reconstructive technique has mainly been used in the context of cancer surgery reconstruction or congenital pseudarthrosis of the tibia. This retrospective study consisted of a series of pediatric patients where bone defects were reconstructed with this technique. MATERIALS AND METHODS Between 2006(More)
Symptomatic tarsal coalitions that begin in early adolescence are usually treated by resection and interposition (fat, muscle, or bone wax) to prevent recurrence. The purpose of the present retrospective study was to describe our operative technique and report our clinical and radiologic outcomes with sterile silicone sheet interposition after resection of(More)
We report the case of an 11-year-old, male, competitive hockey player with a complete rupture of the subscapularis insertion but no avulsion fracture of the lesser tuberosity. Ultrasound and MRI were performed before surgical repair with suture anchors. The boy regained a normal range of movement after 4 weeks of immobilization and 2 months of(More)
Neonatal compartment syndrome is rare, and the diagnosis is often missed or delayed because other ischemic diseases can mimic clinical signs observed on the skin. A premature newborn infant presented with skin lesions during the first hours of life that were recognized as the sentinel finding in compartment syndrome of the newborn. We restored normal(More)
Osteochondritis dissecans is a rare cause of painful knees in children. Only 10 cases of lateral tibial condyle involvement have been reported in the literature. Congenital agenesis of both cruciate ligaments has been described even less, and its prevalence is unknown. The authors report an atypical association of osteochondritis dissecans of the tibia with(More)
To prevent worsening of ankle valgus and functional repercussions, a distal inter-tibiofibular osteochondroma can be removed using a transfibular approach. We evaluated the difference between the preoperative and postoperative tibiotalar tilt at the last follow-up examination and the clinical and radiologic outcomes. We included 10 consecutive ankles that(More)
The management of massive traumatic defects of the knee joint is challenging, especially in children. Massive osteoarticular allograft may be an option in this kind of traumatic bone loss. We report on the case of a male patient who (at the age of 15) suffered an open grade III condylar femoral joint fracture, with a massive bone defect and a Schatzker V(More)