François Crespeau

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In prion diseases, PrP(c), a widely expressed protein, is transformed into a pathogenic form called PrP(Sc), which is in itself infectious. Antibodies directed against PrP(c) have been shown to inhibit PrP(c) to PrP(Sc) conversion in vitro and protect in vivo from disease. Other effectors with potential to eliminate PrPSc-producing cells are cytotoxic T(More)
The behavior of 25 dogs was indirectly assessed by a formal questionnaire (evaluation of Age-Related Cognitive and Affective Disorders-ARCAD), filled out by the owner. The density of diffuse and vascular deposits was evaluated using four anti-Abeta peptide antibodies, in four temporal areas. Parenchymal, diffuse deposits of Abeta42 peptide were found in all(More)
Due to the importance of young-of-the-year (YOY) perch in the peri-alpine regions where they are consumed, the microcystin (MC) contamination of YOY perch was analysed both in field (Lake Bourget, France) and experimentally using force-feeding protocols with pure MCs. In-situ, schools of YOY perch present in the epilimnion of the lake were never found in(More)
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