François Coutte

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The self-assembly in aqueous solution of three lipopeptides obtained from Bacillus subtilis has been investigated. The lipopeptides surfactin, plipastatin and mycosubtilin contain distinct cyclic peptide headgroups as well as differences in alkyl chain length, branching and chain length distribution. Cryogenic transmission electron microscopy and X-ray(More)
The use of surfactin and mycosubtilin as an eco-friendly alternative to control lettuce downy mildew caused by the obligate pathogen Bremia lactucae was investigated. Preliminary ecotoxicity evaluations obtained from three different tests revealed the rather low toxicity of these lipopeptides separately or in combination. The EC50 (concentration estimated(More)
We wish to predict changes of reaction networks with partial kinetic information that lead to target changes of their steady states. The changes may be either increases or decreases of influxes, reaction knockouts, or multiple changes of these two kinds. Our prime applications are knockout prediction tasks for metabolic and regulation networks. In a first(More)
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