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BACKGROUND Natalizumab (NTZ) discontinuation leads to multiple sclerosis reactivation.The objective of this study is to compare disease activity in MS patients who continued on NTZ treatment to those who were switched to subcutaneous interferon 1b (IFNB) treatment. METHODS 1-year randomized, rater-blinded, parallel-group, pilot study (
The main goal of the study was to determine on MRI the cranial sutures, the craniometric points and craniometric measurements, and to correlate these results with classical anthropometric measurements. For this purpose, we reviewed 150 cerebral MRI examinations considered as normal (Caucasian population aged 20-49 years). For each examination we(More)
In patients with acute ischemic stroke, early recanalization may save tissue at risk for ischemic infarction, thus resulting in smaller infarcts and better clinical outcome. The hypothesis that clinical and diffusion- and perfusion-weighted imaging (DWI, PWI) parameters may have a predictive value for early recanalization and final infarct size was(More)
Neglect and related phenomena, as anosognosia for hemiplegia and somatoparaphrenia, are often associated to right-hemisphere lesions. These deficits can be alleviated by caloric vestibular stimulation, but little is known about the efficacy of this physiological intervention on neglect following left-hemisphere lesions. Here we report the case of an(More)
Dynamic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the larynx and vocal folds during phonation was used for measuring the vertical laryngeal movements and the glottal angle of the vocal folds opening and closing in dynamic phase. The data used in this analysis were taken on 10 healthy volunteers during maximal inspiration and the prolonged phonation of the vowels(More)
Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) is a sensitive tool for the assessment of microstructural alterations in brain white matter (WM). We propose a new processing technique to detect, local and global longitudinal changes of diffusivity metrics, in homologous regions along WM fiber-bundles. To this end, a reliable and automatic processing pipeline was developed(More)
Cerebral aspergillosis is associated with a significant morbidity and mortality rate. The imaging data present different patterns and no full consensus exists on typical imaging characteristics of the cerebral lesions. We reviewed MRI findings in 21 patients with cerebral aspergillosis and correlated them to the immune status of the patients and to(More)