François Chièze

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We analysed 127 specimens of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from 118 HIV-1-infected individuals at different stages of infection. Intrathecal antibody synthesis was evident in 23 samples tested and was more frequently directed against HIV than against rubella virus, herpes simplex virus, varicella zoster virus or cytomegalovirus. HIV was isolated from only 14%(More)
The assessment of the socio-economical aspects of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection is difficult because of the relative scarcity of information. This study addresses mainly the socio-economic aspects of the AIDS pandemic in the inter-tropical zone of Africa, which, at the moment, constitutes the epicenter of the disease. In the absence of a(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors assessed the prevalence of domestic violence among patients examined in the emergency service of a general hospital. They compared the socio-demographic status and psychiatric comorbidity of victims of domestic violence and other patients. METHOD An assessment was made on 126 consecutive patients received by the emergency service of(More)
This survey was conducted to estimate the number of drug addicts seen in emergency care units in the Paris hospitals for a drug-related crisis and to analyze subsequent dispatching decisions made over a 14-day period. Twelve polyvalent emergency units participated in the study. These units cared for 116 drug abusers in a crisis situation during the 14-day(More)
In twenty years, the prison population, from the mother country and the overseas departments, has more than doubled, in spite of reprieve and amnesty decisions. This increase is more a consequence of longer penalties than of a rise in the number of imprisoned people The law no. 94-43, dated january 18th 1994, concerning the prisoners' medical care and(More)
MS8209, an amphotericin B derivative, was previously reported to be an inhibitor of HIV1 replication in vitro. In the present study, we determined the 50 and 90% in vitro inhibitory concentrations of MS8209 for 9 HIV1 isolates including both zidovudine-sensitive and zidovudine-resistant isolates and the reference strain Lai, using the peripheral blood(More)