François Boutin

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The aim of graph clustering is to define compact and well-separated clusters from a given graph. Cluster's compactness depends on datasets and clustering methods. In order to provide evaluation of graph clustering quality, many different indices have been proposed in previous work. Indices are used to compare different graph partitions but also different(More)
Realistic interaction networks usually present two main properties: a power-law degree distribution and a small world behavior. Few nodes are linked to many nodes and adjacent nodes are likely to share common neighbors. Moreover, graph structure usually presents a dense core that is difficult to explore with classical filtering and clustering techniques. In(More)
Several hierarchical clustering techniques have been proposed to visualize large graphs, but fewer solutions suggest a focus based approach. We propose a multilevel clustering technique that produces in linear time a contextual clustered view depending on a user-focus. We get a tree of clusters where each cluster called meta-silhouette is itself(More)
AIM Mouth breathing is a functional disorder that affects craniofacial and dento-alveolar growth and also upper airway (UA) anatomy. This is apparent mainly in dimensional abnormalities of the UA caused by hypertrophy of Waldeyer's ring and excessive vertical development of the lower part, giving rise to labial incompetence that perpetuates the functional(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to assess the link between the degree of resorption of teeth adjacent to an impacted maxillary canine and the situation of the latter so as to identify factors predictive of resorption. MATERIAL AND METHODS This was a retrospective study concerning all patients with impacted maxillary canines who consulted the(More)
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