François Boisson

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Search for multimedia content by the large public is expected to experience at least two major evolutions in the near future: addition of content-based criteria to those issued from textual metadata and significant increase in the volume of digitized content available at each provider. In this context, most providers will need a local index in order to(More)
This paper presents OpenXView, a model for open, large scale XML data integration systems, characterized by the autonomy of users that publish XML data on a common topic. Autonomy implies frequent and unpredictable changes to data and a high degree of structure heterogeneity. OpenXView provides an original integration schema, based on an hybrid ontology-XML(More)
Given a large number of data sources, each of them being indexed by attributes from a predefined set A and given a query q over a subset Q of A with size k attributes, we are interested in identifying the set of all possible combinations of sources such that the union of their attributes covers Q. Each combination c may lead to a rewriting of q as a join(More)
Awake and/or freely moving small animal single photon emission imaging allows the continuous study of molecules exhibiting slow kinetics without the need to restrain or anaesthetise the animals. Estimating motion free projections in freely moving small animal planar imaging can be considered as a limited angle tomography problem, except that we wish to(More)
Monte Carlo-based simulation of positron emission tomography (PET) data plays a key role in the design and optimization of data correction and processing methods. Our first aim was to adapt and configure the PET-SORTEO Monte Carlo simulation program for the geometry of the widely distributed Inveon PET preclinical scanner manufactured by Siemens Preclinical(More)
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