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We describe results from an apparatus and protocol designed to implement quantum key distribution, by which two users, who share no secret information initially: (1) exchange a random quantum transmission, consisting of very faint flashes of polarized light; (2) by subsequent public discussion of the sent and received versions of this transmission estimate(More)
The overwhelming number of electrocardiograms (ECGs) now recorded routinely has prompted the development of computer analysis which in turn has benefited electrocardiography with important technological advances. All automated ECG analysis systems adopt a similar approach: a measurement program and a program that interprets the clinical significance of(More)
Lasers produce a coherent, focused, monochromatic, high-energy form of light. Because laser surgery is more versatile and precise and is freer of complications than conventional surgery it has become widely accepted in ophthalmology over the past 10 years. Applications range from routine procedures in the fundus to recent, more delicate interventions in the(More)
  • F Bessette
  • 1979
The differential mobilities of compounds in an electric field are important analytical criteria and we can use them to bring electrophoretically pure components of a mixture medium on which they are separated. To this end, the compound undergoing reaction are brought into positions on the carrier to assure optimal contact between selected fractions, within(More)
Piecewise spline interpolation between judiciously selected points on a curve reproduces it with great precision. A number of points much smaller than in current digitization techniques is needed and their positions fully characterize a curve. We present the rules to select the nodal points and we demonstrate that their positions are very sensitive to(More)
The design, construction, and operation of a new type of filter that eliminates particulate contaminants from a current of gas is described. It has a yield higher than that of any conventional filter or filtration system. It is believed that a liquid barrier filter provides the best possible protection in all cases where not even a small number of toxic(More)
We have explored the possibility of using a continuous liquid phase of high gas permeability as a filter to remove particulate contaminants from a gas stream. The liquid, a non-toxic perfluorocarbon, severs upstream and downstream gas phases completely. It can dissolve great quantities of gases and pass them, by diffusion, along even a slight partial(More)