François Bancilhon

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A database view is a portion of the data structured in a way suitable to a specific application. Updates on views must be translated into updates on the underlying database. This paper studies the translation process in the relational model. The procedure is as follows: first, a &#8220;complete&#8221; set of updates is defined such that<list><item>together(More)
Several methods for implementing database queries expressed as logical rules are given and they are compared for efficiency. One method, called “magic sets,” is a general algorithm for rewriting logical rules so that they may be implemented bottomUP (= forward chaining) in a way that cuts down on the irrelevant facts that are generated. The advantage of(More)
This paper attempts to define an object-oriented database system. It describes the main features and characteristics that a system must have to qualify as an object-oriented database system. We have separated these characteristics into three groups: o Mandatory, the ones the system must satisfy in order to be termed an object-oriented database system. These(More)
This paper surveys and compares various strategies for processing logic queries in relational databases. The survey and comparison is limited to the case of Horn Clauses with evaluable predicates but without function symbols. The paper is organized in three parts. In the first part, we introduce the main concepts and definitions. In the second, we describe(More)
The relational model is now widely accepted as a model to represent various forms of data. However, one of its limitations, namely the fact that it is restricted to first normal form (flat) relations, has proven to be a problem in many applications (CAD being one example of such an area). Various attempts have been made recently at relaxing this(More)
FAD is a powerful and simple language designed for a highly parallel database machine. The basic concepts of the language are its data structures (which we call objects) and its programs (defined in terms of operators and predicates). The primary features of the language are (i) the support of complex objects with built-in notion of object identity; (ii) an(More)
A CAD environment requires a significantly different model of transaction from that developed for typical data-processing applications. A viable model of CAD transaction must allow a group of cooperating designers to arrive at a design without being forced to wait over a long duration. It must also allow a group of designers to collaborate on a design with(More)