François Allain

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Currently, proteomic tools are able to establish a complete list of the most abundant proteins present in a sample, providing the opportunity to study at high resolution the physiology of any bacteria for which the genome sequence is available. For a comprehensive list, proteins should be first resolved into fractions that are then proteolyzed by trypsin.(More)
We report here experimental investigations on GeOI pMOSFET: Besides the +65% mobility enhancement in narrow channel GeOI pMOSFETs as compared to wide channels, attributed to improved sidewall transport properties, 〈100〉 channel orientation transport is investigated for the first time in Ge (001): unlike Si, no current gain is observed compared(More)
The extraction of (135)Cs from high activity waste arising from reprocessing of spent fuel can be achieved by using calix[4]arene crown compounds. The radiolytic degradation of calix[4]arene crowns as well as their solvent, o-nitrophenyloctyl ether (NPOE), was studied using electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (ESI-MS) (that formed Cs(+) or Na(+)(More)
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