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PURPOSE To evaluate the utility of positron emission tomography (PET) and [(18)F]fluorodeoxyglucose in the initial staging of large primary breast tumors. PATIENTS AND METHODS This prospective study was approved by the ethics committee, and all patients gave their informed consent before enrollment. Sixty consecutive patients with large (> 3 cm) primary(More)
OBJECTIVE Giant cell arteritis (GCA) may involve the aorta. Retrospective studies have demonstrated a higher prevalence of aortic aneurysm among patients with GCA compared with the general population. We investigated the prevalence of aortic aneurysm in a cohort of patients with biopsy-proven GCA using a defined protocol and assessed whether persisting(More)
After liver transplantation there is a high incidence of fractures, with important rates of bone loss during the first months. However, the long-term evolution of bone mass and metabolism parameters have been scarcely studied. In order to determine the incidence and risk factors involved in the development of skeletal fractures and to analyze the long-term(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze whether inflammatory disease activity plays a substantial role in the loss of bone mass observed in ankylosing spondylitis (AS) patients who have not yet developed ankylosis. METHODS A longitudinal cohort study of 34 patients with early AS (duration <10 years) without ankylosis was conducted. The mean followup was 19 months. Loss of(More)
We correlated utrophin expression with the physiopathological course in mdx mice. Evolution of the pathology was assessed by monitoring expression of developmental MHC in mdx mice versus control. Utrophin expression is detected by dystrophin/utrophin cross-reacting antibodies and can only be evaluated in mdx mouse muscles (in absence of dystrophin). This(More)
The Duchenne muscular dystrophy gene gives rise to transcripts of several lengths. These mRNAs differ in their coding content and tissue distribution. The 14 kb mRNA encodes dystrophin, a 427 kDa protein found in muscle and brain, and the short transcripts described encode DP71, a 77 kDa protein found in various organs. These short transcripts have many(More)
The present guidelines were issued by the Parathyroid Task Group of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine. The main focus was imaging of primary hyperparathyroidism. Dual-tracer and single-tracer parathyroid scintigraphy protocols were discussed as well as the various modalities of image acquisition. Primary hyperparathyroidism is an endocrine(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the percentage of male adolescent patients with abnormal bone mineral density (BMD), to identify the variables related to BMD loss, and to study BMD change after follow-up. METHOD Dual-energy-x-ray absorptiometry tests at the lumbar spine (L2-L4) and the femoral neck were administered in 20 male adolescents with anorexia nervosa(More)
Hybridomas were prepared from mice immunized with myosin from the enlarged left ventricle of a 53-year-old female with an obstructive cardiomyopathy. The specificity of 15 monoclonal antibodies to myosin heavy chains was assessed by the reactivity of muscle extracts and of chymotryptic myosin fragments of different sizes with these antibodies, as determined(More)