Fraidon Siassi

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BACKGROUND To date, few studies have assessed the association between the number of children and obesity in couples. We aimed to investigate this association in men and women aged 20-75 years. METHODS Data from the National Health Survey were considered in this investigation. It included 2728 women and men (1364 couples) aged 20-75 years. Height and(More)
BACKGROUND There is no study that had a sample size sufficient to study the association between sociodemographic and smoking with obesity in Iran. The goal was to investigate these associations in the Iranian women. METHODS Multivariate statistical techniques included 14 176 women between 20 and 69 years of age. Height and weight were measured rather than(More)
This cohort study investigated the effect of early life nutrition on later performance in developmental milestones and cognitive tests. Structural equation modelling was carried out on follow-up data from a national birth cohort of 5362 children born in 1 week of 1946 in Britain. Children who were breastfed longer showed earlier developmental milestones.(More)
We surveyed 4315 2-5 year olds in Iran. Prevalence of obesity (BMI >95th centile, Iranian reference data) was compared with the recent "IOTF" approach. Prevalence was significantly higher than expected, and increased with age, but contradictory trends were obtained from the two approaches. Monitoring of childhood obesity using the BMI in developing(More)
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