Frédérique Robert-Inacio

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For surveillance of an airport, it is obviously helpful to detect and identify planes and aircraft parked in each part of the tarmac to survey. A study has been achieved on a particular database and it has resulted in a classification of detected objects. The whole process includes an object detection stage, followed by a classification stage. The detection(More)
6.1 introduction In Chapter 5, we saw how color sensors convert a light radiation into an electrical signal to build a digital image. It describes the two currently most widespread sensor technologies (CCD and CMOS) as well as the emerging technologies offered by some manufacturers. These color sensors are nowadays ubiquitous in the objects of everyday(More)
In computer vision several methods are directly inspired by the human visual system. Visual attention is one of the main abilities a human eye uses to discover a new scene. This ability is based on the focus of attention principle, which enables to look at a particular point. The works presented in this paper describe how to simulate such an ability in(More)
In the study of astronomical objects such as planetary nebulas, it appears that symmetry detection is an important task to achieve. Actually, symmetry detection is an appropriate way for determining how the nebula was born. In this paper we suggest two different methods for estimating the symmetry according to a point. The first method gives a global(More)
In this paper, we present a spatially adaptive filter for color median filtering. Several alternative implementations of such a filter are given, using different ways of gradient computation. Then, several methods of color median filtering are compared in terms of performance on a particular image. Vector median filters are considered as well as median(More)