Frédérique Lassauge

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OBJECTIVE Evaluation of the technique and value of intravesical morphine instillation after ureterovesical reimplantation in children. MATERIAL AND METHODS From July 1997 to June 1998, the Duckett protocol (Philadelphia, USA), comprising slow intravesical infusion of morphine for the first three prosoperative days, was applied in 25 children aged five(More)
The authors report a case of segmental jejunal dilatation that was discovered antenatally and manifested clinically as lower obstruction in a newborn boy. The antenatal ultrasound findings at 29, 30, and 31 weeks' gestation showed a constant hypoechogenic image (6 x 3 cm in diameter) localized to the right flank of the fetal abdomen, thought to be situated(More)
Prenatal diagnosis at 32 weeks' gestation of an anteromediastinal tumor in a twin fetus allowed immediate neonatal intensive management after delivery at 34 weeks' gestation. At 48 h of age the patient underwent a median sternotomy; complete resection of the tumor was possible. Histologically, it was a mature teratoma. At age 1 year both twins are well.
The increasing aggressivity of the modern technology connected with neonatal resuscitation had led to the recognition by paediatricians of the existence of pain in the newborn, and of the necessity to treat this condition. The neurophysiological development of the neonate is such that it allows pain perceptions even in premature infants; a number of(More)
Continuous epidural anesthesia was carried out in 30 children aged from 2 months to 15 years (12 are less than 5 years old) and scheduled for long surgical procedure (thoracic, abdominal or urologic procedures). The epidural space was punctured under general anesthesia on a midline approach with a saline filled syringe. The catheter is easily inserted and(More)
This study included 20 children (average 8.5 years) undergoing surgery of the upper limb under brachial plexus block. A method of blocking the brachial plexus using an infraclavicular approach is described. Eighteen brachial plexus block were performed under general anesthesia. No complication was observed. Post-operative analgesia was satisfactory in all(More)
The aim of this study is to demonstrate how easy and suitable is the closed system in infants and children. An original circuit, adapted from the Bain-Spoerel system, is used. Its principle is to draw-up the expired gas through a soda lime canister by a pump, whose flow is 14 l.min-1. ("Circuit Bisontin"). For this study, 20 infants and children underwent(More)