Frédérique Jacquinot

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The bacterial Rho factor is a ring-shaped ATP-dependent helicase that tracks along RNA transcripts and disrupts RNA-DNA duplexes and transcription complexes in its path. Using combinatorial nucleotide analog interference mapping (NAIM), we explore the topology and dynamics of functional Rho–RNA complexes and reveal the RNA-dependent stepping mechanism of(More)
Transcription termination factor Rho is an ATP-dependent ring-shaped molecular motor that tracks along RNA to dissociate RNA-DNA duplexes and transcription complexes in its path. The Rho hexamer contains two distinct sites for interaction with RNA. The primary binding site is composed of pyrimidine-specific binding clefts that are located in the N-terminal(More)
The transcription termination factor Rho from Escherichia coli is a ring-shaped homo-hexameric protein that preferentially interacts with naked cytosine-rich Rut (Rho utilization) regions of nascent RNA transcripts. Once bound to the RNA chain, Rho uses ATP as an energy source to produce mechanical work and disruptive forces that ultimately lead to the(More)
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