Frédérik Bilhaut

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Among the various facets of Information Retrieval in textual data, the search for information located in space and time constitutes a full research field. Indeed, it requires, for indexing as for retrieval, specific linguistic analyses and resources. The present paper roots in the GéoSem project, whose aim is to develop advanced, semantic-based methods for(More)
This paper deals with indexation of multi-modal geographic documents by the mean of two constructs: geographic entities, and their semantic relations. These relations concern more specifically contrast or similarity between the entities with regard to the described phenomenon. Geographic entities are retrieved in both text and maps using proper analysis(More)
RÉSUMÉ. Différents travaux en TAL font apparaître la nécessité d'articuler, au sein de chaînes complexes, divers traitements mettant en jeu une pluralité d'objets linguistiques et de méthodes d'analyse. La plate-forme LinguaStream propose une architecture et un ensemble d'outils vi-sant à faciliter la mise en oeuvre de tels « assemblages » : modèles(More)
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