Frédérica Gaspard

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Intrahepatic portosystemic anastomoses are macroscopic communications between the venous portal system and the systemic circulation and located partly in the liver. We report 4 new cases of type II shunts, which illustrate the circumstances of the diagnosis of these exceptional anomalies. For 2 children, the diagnosis was done antenataly by US and(More)
UNLABELLED xBxxaxcxkground. In addition to prevention guidelines already in place, the effectiveness of an antimicrobial dressing on the occurrence of surgical site infections (SSIs) among adult patients undergoing cardiac surgery was evaluated. METHODS A house-wide replacement of the plain postoperative gauze dressing with a sterile dressing impregnated(More)
BACKGROUND We report on a fetus with radiographic features of Larsen Syndrome (LS) and unbalanced 3;5 translocation. Recently LS was shown to be caused by mutations in FLNB gene which maps on 3p14.3. METHODS Comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) was performed to search for genomic imbalances. Fluorescence in situ analysis (FISH) was done with BAC clone(More)
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