Frédéric Weis

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In smart homes, many context attributes, i.e. small pieces of context, have to be computed from sensors in order to provide adapted services. We observe that many of those context attributes can be deduced from others. This paper presents how methods to propagate belief functions from one frame of discernment to another can be used to compute contexts. It(More)
This investigation was designed to determine whether the narcotic alfentanil, a relatively new fentanyl derivative with rapid onset of action and offset of activity, alone or in combination with midazolam has advantages over the traditional meperidine and midazolam regimen for conscious sedation. Thirty-five subjects were randomized to receive an initial(More)
Neurological complications associated with transurethral resection of the prostate have been reported in the past. We report on an achondroplastic dwarf who suffered transient blindness following transurethral resection of the prostate. The blindness correlated with a markedly elevated serum glycine level of 13,734 mumol. per l. We discuss the possibility(More)
Use of the light wand for 253 intubations in a variety of clinical settings is described. Twenty patients were successfully intubated by the light wand method who had failed to be intubated by direct laryngoscopy. Three failures were noted on patients who weighed more than 350 pounds each. Both nasal and oral endotracheal intubations were accomplished with(More)
BACKGROUND We studied the feasibility of using patient-controlled anesthesia (PCA) for conscious sedation during colonoscopy. METHODS Patients having elective colonoscopy had medications delivered in bolus fashion by PCA pump (Abbot Lifecare Provider 5500 Infusion System). Four patients received propofol as 20 mg/dose boluses, and four patients received(More)
Oxytocin, 5 to 10 units, is frequently given as a bolus injection following term delivery or elective termination of pregnancy. It is not general knowledge that this has any untoward effects. In the present study in young, healthy women undergoing elective termination of pregnancy, mean arterial blood pressure decreased approximately 30% and the total(More)
Development of wireless communications enables the rise of networking applications in embedded systems. Web interactions, which are the most spread, are nowadays available on wireless PDAs 1. Moreover, we can observe a development of ubiquitous computing. Based on this concept, many works aim to consider user’s context as part of the parameters of the(More)
Existing activity recognition approaches in the smart home domain suffer from poor human activity models. Combining expertise from cognitive ergonomics and ubiquitous computing, we discuss the hard technical challenges to address when leveraging a realistic model of human activity. We present the architecture of a prototype smart home system that we are(More)