Frédéric Urbani

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We describe the first capability, to our knowledge, to execute nearly unmodified applications and Linux kernel code in the context of a widely-used open source discrete event networking simulator (ns-3). We propose Direct Code Execution (DCE), a framework that dramatically increases the number of available protocol models and realism available for ns-3(More)
Reusing real protocol implementations of the kernel network stack in network simulators can increase the realism of network experimentations as well as decrease the cost of protocol development. In this paper, we introduce DCE Cradle, a novel framework that allows to use any features of Linux kernel network stack with existing ns-3 applications. DCE Cradle(More)
This work presents a complete solution to develop, and test, new algorithms over simulated Content Centric Networks (CCN). For economical and practical reasons today it is hard to deploy CCNx over large network setups. As a result, the greatest part of the researchers evaluate their propositions over small and static topologies, i.e. networks smaller than(More)
This contribution presents the design and implementation of a voltage controlled oscillator active integrated antenna for applications in the industrial scientific medical band (2.4 + 2.4835 GHz). The proposed antenna is designed to be mounted on a PCMCIA card and exploits a two-layer reactive impedance ground plane to minimize the dimensions and increase(More)
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