Frédéric Siffer

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Poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) substrates are used in many applications where the substrates need to be elongated and various treatments are used to regulate their surface properties. In this article, we compare the effect of three of such treatments, namely, UV irradiation, water plasma, and plasma polymerization, both from a molecular and from a(More)
Maleic anhydride plasma polymer was deposited at the surface of carbon fibers and functionalized with vinyl and thiol groups to improve its adhesion strength with an acrylate matrix cured by an electron beam. A characterization of the fiber surface properties was done before and after coating (topography, surface chemistry, and surface energy). Sharp(More)
A continuous-flow plasma process working at atmospheric pressure is developed to enhance the adhesion between a rubber compound and a zinc-plated steel monofilament, with the long-term objective to find a potential alternative to the electrolytic brass plating process, which is currently used in tire industry. For this purpose, a highly efficient tubular(More)
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