Frédéric Sciacca

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Disinfection of surface water containing dissolved iron (0.3 mg L(-1)) at natural neutral pH ( approximately 7.5) was carried out via solar disinfection (SODIS) treatment in PET bottles with H(2)O(2) (10 mg L(-1)). Wild coliforms and Salmonella sp. were monitored for 6 h of sunlight irradiation and 72 h of dark post-treatment period. In our conditions,(More)
The Authors have studied the role of various preventing diet for a primary prophylaxis of allergy in 125 newborns at risk of atopy: 30 exclusively breast-fed, 50 hypoallergenic milk fed, 30 soy milk fed, and 15 with conventional milk formula. IgE values were determined at 5 days, 6 months, and 12 months of age, IgE values at 5 days were compared to newborns(More)
PF4 levels and platelets counts were studied in a group of 15 term newborn infants before treatment and after 24-48-72 and 96 hours of phototherapy and in a control group of 10 babies. Unlike data found by other AA. in vitro and in preterm infants, our values show only minimal, not statistically significant, differences in PF4 levels and platelets counts(More)
The DNA of fifteen Italian cultivars of durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L. ssp. durum) were analyzed by in fluorescence amplified fragment length polymorphism (fAFLP) in order to obtain the characteristic fingerprintings of genotypes and assess their genetic relatedness. Among 64 combinations of fluorescence labelled primers, three different combinations(More)
Coagulation abnormalities with and without haemorrhagic manifestations have been frequently reported in newborn-infants affected by hypoxia. Particularly in postmature-infants and in those ones with acute asphyxia at birth, respiratory distress syndrome (RDS), intra-uterine growth retardation (IUGR) and cyanotic congenital heart disease (CCHD). A reduction(More)