Frédéric Rotella

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By the use of flatness the problem of pole placement, which consists in imposing closed loop system dynamics can be related to tracking. Polynomial controllers for finitedimensional linear systems can then be designed with very natural choices for high level parameters design. This design leads to a Bezout equation which is independent of the closed loop(More)
The paper deals with existence conditions of a functional observer for linear time-varying systems in the case where the order of the observer is equal to the number of observed variables. Constructive procedures for the design of such a linear functional observer are deduced from the existence conditions. As a specific feature, the proposed procedures do(More)
The paper proposes an algorithm for the design of a single functional observer for a linear time-varying system. The proposed constructive procedure can be iterated to obtain a minmal order for the observer where the existence conditions are fufilled. As a specific feature, the proposed procedure does not require the solution of a differential Sylvester(More)
In this paper, a new ultra-local model control approach is proposed. The concept is based on the linear adaptive observer to estimate the ultra-local model parameters instead of algebraic derivation technique. The importance of adaptive observer is deduced in the join estimation of state and unknown parameters of parametric systems. The closed-loop control(More)