Frédéric Rossel

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Experimental results from equimolar PEG and protein standards samples are presented from a MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer equipped with both ionizing detectors and the novel single molecule sensitive cryodetectors. The data are consistent with a model hypothesis suggesting that the observed decrease in signal strength in conventional ionizing detector(More)
Tunneling electrons from a scanning tunneling microscope (STM) induce luminescence from C(60) and C(70) molecules forming fullerene nanocrystals grown on ultrathin NaCl films on Au(111). Intramolecular fluorescence and phosphorescence associated with the transitions between the lowest electronic excited state and ground state of C(70) molecules are(More)
A comparative analysis between a solution and a surface-mediated synthesis of heterotriangulene macrocycles is reported. The results show a preferential formation of the π-conjugated macrocycles on surface due to two-dimensional confinement. The macrocycle prepared on a several hundred milligram scale by solution chemistry was characterized by(More)
The launch of molecules from liquid surfaces in a time of flight mass spectrometer has been investigated using different sample preparation techniques, and by exposing the liquid samples to two different laser wavelengths, 337 nm from a N2 ultraviolet laser and 10.6 microm from a CO2 infrared laser. The molecules were detected with cryodetectors measuring(More)
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