Frédéric Rohmer

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This paper deals with the dimensioning of token buckets. Two related problems are formulated and solved. The first is the token bucket allocation problem (TBAP) which is finding the cost-minimal token bucket for the transmission of a given VBR traffic stream, e.g. an MPEG movie, from the user's point of view. This problem has been treated in literature(More)
458 patients who had their first epileptic fit between the ages of 40 and 65 are classified into 5 groups according to the seizure symptomatology: when the symptomatology remains unchanged, the frequency of fits is less than 1 per month in 84% of generalized fits and more than 1 per month in 52% of focal fits. When the symptomatology changes, the frequency(More)
We report a kindred of French/Alsatian origin with symptoms of Gerstmann-Sträussler-Scheinker disease over 3 generations. In the propositus, cerebellar signs and memory disturbance were the presenting features, followed by other neurological manifestations. Biopsy of the cerebral cortex showed numerous multicentric and "kuru"-type amyloid plaques that on(More)
A 27-year-old Algerian patient presented a slowly progressive disease clinically characterized by a cerebellar syndrome, absence of deep reflexes, bilateral sign of Babinski, deep sensory disturbances, ophthalmologic disorders and pes cavus. The diagnosis of ceroid lipofuscinosis resulted from the presence of lipofuscin deposits evidenced as autofluorescent(More)
Serum cold cytotoxic antibodies (CA), detected at 15 degrees C using a microcytotoxicity technique, were present in 12 of 21 multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, weak or absent in 6 neurological patients without MS and present but weak in 5 out of 32 healthy controls. In MS, these cold CA were directed against 3 distinct cellular populations: total(More)
A similar affection has developed in eight members from four generations of a family living in the Alsace. The disease is characterized by the onset of a pyramidal, pseudobulbar syndrome and dementia during the third or fourth decade of life. The outcome is fatal after a mean period of three years. Cerebral biopsies in three cases have demonstrated(More)
Three of 11 children, offspring of a consanguineous marriage, presented a progressive myopathy and seizures, associated with symptoms suggesting both central and peripheral nervous system involvement. The ultrastructural muscular lesions were not specific. The association of severe impairment of muscle tissue and of central nervous system is rare, being(More)
In 11 patients with complex partial epileptic seizures stuporous states were observed during treatment with valproate (VPA) (2 cases), with VPA and phenobarbitone (PB) (4 cases), or with VPA, PB and a third anti-epileptic drug (5 cases). Based on 3 characteristic cases, an attempt is made to define the role of VPA, the nature of the stuporous states, and(More)