Frédéric Przybilla

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We investigate transmission efficiency and finite size effects for the subwavelength hole arrays. Experiments and simulations show how the finite size effects depend strongly on the hole diameter. The transmission efficiency reaches an asymptotic upper value when the array is larger than the surface plasmon propagation length on the corrugated surface. By(More)
We analyze the progressive introduction of disorder in periodic subwavelength hole arrays. Two models of disorder are discussed from their associated Fourier transforms and correlation functions. The optical transmission properties of the corresponding arrays are closely related with the evolutions of structure factors, as experimentally detailed.(More)
As a scanning microscope, STimulated Emission Depletion (STED) nanoscopy needs parallelization for fast wide-field imaging. Using well-designed optical lattices for depletion together with wide-field excitation and a fast camera for detection, we achieve large parallelization of STED nanoscopy. Wide field of view super-resolved images are acquired by(More)
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