Frédéric Plantier

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An experimental study of some assorted glycerol properties is carried out in order to determine, under high static pressure, the glycerol nonlinearity parameter B/A against temperature by a modified isentropic method. The static pressure and temperature ranges exploited in this experimental investigation, of various glycerol properties, are extended(More)
This work provides a detailed study on the physico-chemical characterization of a mechanized silver-gold alloy@mesoporous silica shell/pseudorotaxane nano-assembly using two main complementary techniques: XPS and NMR (liquid- and solid-state). The pseudorotaxane nanovalve is composed of a stalk (N-(6-aminohexyl)-aminomethyltriethoxysilane)/macrocycle(More)
A new experimental setup is presented allowing the simultaneous measurement of adsorption isotherms and adsorption-induced deformations. It is composed of a manometric technique coupled with a digital image correlation setup for full-field displacement measurements. The manometric part is validated by comparing adsorption isotherms with those obtained by a(More)
An experimental apparatus was developed to measure, over a wide range of pressure, the acoustical nonlinear parameter B/A with an uncertainty of 2.2% in order to study the influence of pressure on the value of this parameter in liquids. The experimental technique rests on an improved thermodynamic method which uses a highly sensitive phase comparison(More)
A thermodiffusion cell is developed for performing Soret experiments on binary mixtures at high pressure and in the presence of a porous medium. The cell is validated by performing experiments at atmospheric pressure. The experiments are performed by applying different temperature gradients to binary mixtures in order to determine their thermal contrast(More)
A novel prototype of calorimetric cell has been developed allowing experiments under pressure with an in situ agitation system and a dynamic control of the pressure inside the cell. The use of such a system opens a wide range of potential practical applications for determining properties of complex fluids in both pressurized and agitated conditions. The(More)
An accurate technique for the sound velocity measurement in strongly dissipative liquids is elaborated. This technique is based upon high sensitive phase detection. Each medium, at a given temperature and pressure, is characterized by a specific phase shift due to the propagation of the ultrasonic wave within the analyzed medium. By tuning the insonation(More)
A new batch cell has been developed to measure simultaneously both isobaric thermal expansion and isobaric heat capacity from calorimetric measurements. The isobaric thermal expansion is directly proportional to the linear displacement of an inner flexible below and the heat capacity is calculated from the calorimetric signal. The apparatus used was a(More)
Short-range correlations of the molecular orientations in liquid n-alkanes have been extensively studied from depolarized Rayleigh scattering and thermodynamic measurements. These correlations between segments induce structural anisotropy in the fluid bulk. This phenomenon, which is characteristic of linear chain molecules when the constituting segments are(More)
As a first step of an ongoing study of thermodynamic properties and adsorption of complex fluids in confined media, we present a new theoretical description for spherical monomers using the Statistical Associating Fluid Theory for potential of Variable Range (SAFT-VR) and a Non-Local Density Functional Theory (NLDFT) with Weighted Density Approximations(More)
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