Frédéric Padilla

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PACS. 02.70Lq – Monte Carlo and statistical methods. PACS. 64.60Cn – Order-disorder and statistical mechanics of model systems. PACS. 75.10Nr – Spin-glass and other random models. Abstract. – In this note we present an exact solution of the Monte Carlo dynamics of the spherical Sherrington-Kirkpatrick spin-glass model. We obtain the dynamical equations for(More)
We study the analytical solution of the Monte Carlo dynamics in the spherical Sherrington-Kirkpatrick model using the technique of the generating function. Explicit solutions for one-time observables ͑like the energy͒ and two-time observables ͑like the correlation and response function͒ are obtained. We show that the crucial quantity which governs the(More)
We revisit the hard-spheres lattice gas model in the spherical approximation proposed by Lebowitz and Percus. Although no disorder is present in the model, we find that the short-range dynamical restrictions in the model induce glassy behaviour. We examine the off-equilibrium Langevin dynamics of this model and study the relaxation of the density as well as(More)
  • 1998
The impact of various water management alternatives, resulting from the construction of the La Vinuela reservoir system (Malaga, Spain), on the hydrological regime of the coastal aquifer of the Vêlez River has been analysed. In particular, steady-state simulations of the freshwater regime have been carried out under various possible management policies for(More)
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