Frédéric Mayer

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A large set of maize silage samples was produced to assess the major traits influencing the biomethane production of this crop. The biomass yield, the volatile solids contents and the biochemical methane potential (BMP) were measured to calculate the biomethane yield per hectare (average=7266m(3)ha(-1)). The most influential factor controlling the(More)
The reliability of different models to predict the biochemical methane potential (BMP) of various plant biomasses using a multispecies dataset was compared. The most reliable prediction models of the BMP were those based on the near infrared (NIR) spectrum compared to those based on the chemical composition. The NIR predictions of local (specific regression(More)
The biomethane yield of various energy crops, selected among potential alternatives to maize in the Greater Region, was assessed. The biomass yield, the volatile solids (VS) content and the biochemical methane potential (BMP) were measured to calculate the biomethane yield per hectare of all plant species. For all species, the dry matter biomass yield and(More)
UNLABELLED Carotenoids are C-40 tetraterpenoid compounds with potential health beneficial effects. Major dietary sources include a variety of fruits and vegetables. Rapid screening methods are therefore desired, but their accuracy varies depending on the carotenoid profile and the matrix of the plant food. In the present study, 3 different methods were(More)
Biogas production from energy crops by anaerobic digestion is becoming increasingly important. The amount of biogas that can be produced per unit of biomass is referred to as the biomethane potential (BMP). For energy crops, the BMP varies among varieties and with crop state during the vegetation period. Traditional ways of analytical BMP determination are(More)
In this presentation we show an ElectronMultiplying (EM) CMOS image sensor. This work includes the experimental study of two approaches and various EMCMOS pixels arrays have been implemented into the test circuits. The results have confirmed the increase of SNR with both approaches. This was demonstrated by the electrooptical measurements and on the(More)
CMOS image sensors are widely used on Earth and are becoming increasingly favourable for use in space. Advantages, such as low power consumption, and ever-improving imaging peformance make CMOS an attractive option. The ability to integrate camera functions on-chip, such as biasing and sequencing, simplifies designing with CMOS sensors and can improve(More)
Animation, Length 2:21 " I cheated on you. " Confronted with this declaration, the different parts of the brain react to resolve the crisis. PRODUCTION Modeling: Polygons. Rendering technique used most: Standard Maya renderer, Depthmap Shadow, raytraced refections. Average CPU time for rendering per frame: approximately five minutes. Total production time:(More)
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