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Perceptual aliasing makes topological navigation a difficult task. In this paper we present a general approach for topological SLAM (simultaneous localisation and mapping) which does not require motion or odometry information but only a sequence of noisy measurements from visited places. We propose a particle filtering technique for topological SLAM which(More)
— In this paper we propose a model-free appearance-based method to automatically determine places as landmarks for topological navigation. Most of the current approaches for automatically selecting landmarks are based on template models or complex feature detectors. We use modified colour histograms, more precisely an entropy-constrained 3D colour(More)
A graph is triangulated if it has no chordless cycle with at least four vertices (8k 4; C k 6 6 G). These graphs have been generalized by R. Hayward with the weakly triangulated graphs (8k 5; C k ; C k 6 6 G). In this note we propose a new generalization of triangulated graphs. A graph G is slightly triangulated if it satisses the two following conditions :(More)
The tracking of features in real-time video streams forms the integral part of many important applications in human-computer interaction and computer vision. Unfortunately tracking is a computationally intensive task, since the video information used by the tracker is usually prepared by applying a series of image processing filters. Thus it is difficult to(More)
Notice: Changes introduced as a result of publishing processes such as copy-editing and formatting may not be reflected in this document. For a definitive version of this work, please refer to the published source: Abstract In topological mapping, perceptual aliasing can cause different places to appear indistinguishable to the robot. In case of severely(More)
In this paper we introduce methods to build a SOM that can be used as an isometric map for mobile robots. That is, given a dataset of sensor readings collected at points uniformly distributed with respect to the ground, we wish to build a SOM whose neurons (prototype vectors in sensor space) correspond to points uniformly distributed on the ground. Manifold(More)