Frédéric Madani-Grasset

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The use of low-energy femtosecond laser beam combined with chemical etching has been proven to be an efficient method to fabricate three-dimensional structures in fused silica. For high-volume application, this technology--like other serial processes--suffers from a moderate production rate. Here, we show that femtosecond laser can also be employed to(More)
Experimental investigations of plastic flow have demonstrated temporal intermittency as deformation proceeds in a series of intermittent bursts with scale-free size distribution. In the present investigation, a corresponding spatial intermittency is demonstrated for plastic flow of KCl single crystals. Deformation bursts lead to large surface steps with a(More)
Please cite this article in press as: Y. Karade et A technique for fabricating pre-pattern induced phase-separated polymer blend films is presented. The gold layer coated silicon substrates were bombarded with focused ion beams (FIB) to sputter away Au grains in the irradiated regions and expose silicon oxide surface underneath, thereby creating(More)
We redevelop a theoretical model that, in conjunction with atomic force microscopy (AFM), can be used as a noninvasive method for determination of the elastic modulus of a polymer nanodroplet residing on a flat, rigid substrate. The model is a continuum theory that combines surface and elasticity theories for prediction of the droplet's elastic modulus,(More)
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