Frédéric Mérienne

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In this paper we propose a method to link CAD models to an immersive environment. Since CAD models can not be directly viewed in a real-time visualization environment, we present here a complete chain of adaptation steps to view adapted CAD models in an immersive environment with high quality rendering. Our method allows high quality visualization of(More)
This work aims at detecting surface defects on reflecting industrial parts. A machine vision system, performing the detection of geometric aspect surface defects, is completely described. The revealing of defects is realized by a particular lighting device. It has been carefully designed to ensure the imaging of defects. The lighting system simplifies a lot(More)
is an open access repository that collects the work of Arts et Métiers ParisTech researchers and makes it freely available over the web where possible. Abstract The paper proposes a method for estimating and predicting visually induced motion sickness (VIMS) occurring in a navigation task in a 3D immersive virtual environment, by extracting features from(More)
In this paper we presents the results of our experimental study which aims to understand the impact of three interaction 3D metaphors (ray casting, GoGo, and virtual hand) on the user experience in a semi-immersive collaborative virtual environment (the Braccetto System). For each session, participants are grouped in twos to reconstruct a puzzle by an(More)
Novel interaction techniques have been developed to address the difficulties of selecting moving targets. However, similar to their static-target counterparts, these techniques may suffer from clutter and overlap, which can be addressed by predicting intended targets. Unfortunately , current predictive techniques are tailored towards static-target(More)