Frédéric Lucarz

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—In this paper it is proposed and designed an original all-optical Encoder (o-Encoder) intended, but not exclusively, to be part of future optical digitising radio-over-fibre (o-DRoF) transceiver. It is based on the Semiconductor Laser Amplifier Loop Mirror (SLALOM) configuration exploiting the nonlinearities of a semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) in(More)
Distributed antenna systems (DAS) are known to improve coverage and performance of wireless communicat ions in indoor environ ments. In the present paper, we propose a method to determine the position of distributed antennas that optimizes the network capacity for a given deployment scenario. We also consider power consumption measurements of(More)
It is known that distributed antenna systems (DAS) using radio-over-fiber (RoF) links are able to increase coverage and to improve energy efficiency compared to traditional wireless access networks. In this paper, we focus on the energy efficiency of 802.11n RoF DAS architectures and we provide a methodology based on ns-3 to evaluate and optimize energy(More)
A selection of international key speakers from both industry and academia were invited to address radio-over-fibre and all-optical wireless technologies with a focus on minimising overall energy consumption in wireless access networks. This capstone event marked the end of the tenure by Dr. Hall of the first SISCom International Chair. The Chair supported(More)
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