Frédéric Larue

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Accurate refraction, thanks to raytracing, has always been a popular effect in computer graphics imagery. However, its use has been severely hindered in interactive rendering due to the lack of efficient and realistic techniques geared toward polygon oriented rendering.In this paper, a method to achieve realistic and interactive refractive effects through(More)
— In this paper, we introduce a novel approach intended to simplify the production of multimedia content from real objects for the purpose of knowledge sharing, which is particularly appropriate to the cultural heritage field. It consists in a pipeline that covers all steps from the digitization of the objects up to the Web publishing of the resulting(More)
In computer graphics, rendering visually detailed scenes is often achieved through texturing. We propose a method for on-the-fly non-periodic infinite texturing of surfaces based on a single image. Pattern repetition is avoided by defining patches within each texture whose content can be changed at runtime. In addition, we consistently manage multi-scale(More)
Definition Recreate a 3D model of a real object through physical acquisition Shape (surface) Aspect (surface color) 3D data acquisition with aspect Definition Recreate a 3D model of a real object through physical acquisition Shape (surface) Aspect (surface color) Definition Recreate a 3D model of a real object through physical acquisition Shape (surface)(More)
This paper shows how to improve the results of a 3D scanning system to allow to better fit the requirements of the Multi-Media and Cultural Heritage domains. A real-time in-hand scanning system is enhanced by further processing its intermediate data, with the goal of producing a digital 3D model with a high quality color texture and an improved(More)
Paraganglioma of the filum terminale is a rare tumor but well described in the neurosurgery and pathology literature. Few MRI reports are mentioned. Paraganglioma, often misdiagnosed with ependymoma or schwannoma on MRI images, must be kept in mind, when a highly vascular lesion with serpentine vessels is observed.
Digitization and visualization are both of great importance for Cultural Heritage, for instance for the design of virtual galleries. Despite a lot of research, enabling a real-time walkthrough around complex digital copies still remains difficult and challenging in the general case due to the complexity of the measurement and to the amount of data that has(More)
View-dependent surface color of virtual objects can be represented by outgoing radiance of the surface. In this paper we tackle the processing of outgoing radiance stored as a vertex attribute of triangle meshes. Data resulting from an acquisition process can be very large and computationally intensive to render. We show that when reducing the global memory(More)