Frédéric Larue

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OBJECTIVE To describe the treatment of cancer pain in France and to evaluate the predictive factors for inadequate management. DESIGN Multicentre, representative cross sectional survey. SETTING 20 treatment centres, including cancer centres, university hospitals, state hospitals, private clinics, and one homecare setting (in which patients are supported(More)
Breakthrough pain (BKP) is a transitory flare of pain that occurs on a background of relatively well controlled baseline pain. Previous surveys have found that BKP is highly prevalent among patients with cancer pain and predicts more severe pain, pain-related distress and functional impairment, and relatively poor quality of life. An international group of(More)
OBJECTIVE To measure the prevalence, severity, and impact of pain on quality of life for HIV patients; to identify factors associated with undertreatment of pain. DESIGN Multicentre cross sectional survey. SETTINGS 34 HIV treatment facilities, including inpatient hospital wards, day hospitals, and ambulatory care clinics, in 13 cities throughout France.(More)
BACKGROUND Two representative samples of primary care physicians (N = 600) and medical oncologists (N = 300) in France were surveyed about their attitudes toward and knowledge about cancer pain management. METHODS The survey was conducted by telephone with a questionnaire based on a model developed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Pain Research(More)
Accurate refraction, thanks to raytracing, has always been a popular effect in computer graphics imagery. However, its use has been severely hindered in interactive rendering due to the lack of efficient and realistic techniques geared toward polygon oriented rendering.In this paper, a method to achieve realistic and interactive refractive effects through(More)
In computer graphics, rendering visually detailed scenes is often achieved through texturing. We propose a method for on-the-fly non-periodic infinite texturing of surfaces based on a single image. Pattern repetition is avoided by defining patches within each texture whose content can be changed at runtime. In addition, we consistently manage multi-scale(More)
To assess how well physicians recognize common symptoms in HIV patients and identify factors associated with symptom recognition, a multicenter cross-sectional survey was performed in a random sample of 118 hospitalized and 172 ambulatory HIV patients, and their attending physicians. Patients' reports of 16 different symptoms were compared to physicians'(More)
UNLABELLED Pain management has become a notable feature of public health policy and mass media communication in France over the past few years. To assess the evolution of the knowledge and attitudes of the French population with respect to pain management and morphine use, telephone surveys using similar questionnaires were conducted in 1990 (n = 1001) and(More)
In grape must of high sugar concentration, yeast growth, the viability rate of "resting" yeast cells, and fermentation activity were stimulated under certain conditions of aeration and temperature. This stimulation might be interpreted as being a result of the yeast cell sterol content. The addition of certain sterols to the fermenting medium was able to(More)