Frédéric Lamarque

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In this paper, a Lorentz force-based XY positioning stage with a stack of four electromagnetic linear motors in parallel configuration is presented. The overall design of the positioning stage consists of a mobile and a fixed part separated using a fourpoint contact technique. The uniqueness of the proposed positioning stage lies in its light design with(More)
In this paper, the design of a 5 × 5 digital electromagnetic actuators array is presented. Each elementary digital actuator has four discrete positions with two orthogonal displacement axes. This work is composed of two parts: first, the elementary digital actuator is defined using the experience of a previous study and secondly, the array is(More)
A high-precision planar digital electromagnetic actuator with two displacement directions and four discrete positions is presented in this paper. The four discrete positions are located at each corner of a square cavity where a mobile permanent magnet moves thanks to Lorentz forces generated when a driving current passes through two orthogonal wires placed(More)
In this work a planar electromagnetic motion device is presented for linear displacement. The motion forces are generated by the interaction between the currents in planar electrical drive coil, placed beneath the adjacently inverted magnets array with an insulating glass layer of 170 µm thickness in between. To achieve linear displacement in a(More)
In active-stereovision measurement systems, there is usually only one static configuration for the measuring process. In this paper, a new miniaturized system which can switch dynamically between two active stereovision setups is presented. This system can change its internal configuration in less than 25 ms and consequently can extract 3D shape information(More)
In this work, a bistable curved-beam is actuated between its two stable states using the force generated by optically controlled SMA elements. Two Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) elements are used for this purpose forming an antagonistic pair. Two laser sources (wavelength equals to 785 nm and 658 nm) are used to heat the SMA active elements in order to induce the(More)
In this paper, a parallel kinematic based electromagnetically actuated planar micro-positioning system is presented. The system is driven with four orthogonally assembled linear electromagnetic actuators. Each actuator consist of a set of permanent magnets assembled together in North-south configuration to realize a permanent magnet array. This assembly(More)