Frédéric J. Villeneuve

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UNLABELLED The prevalence of hypertension resistant to treatment to indicate for renal denervation. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the efficiency for imaging the adrenal glands with an abdominal CT scan in first-line in subjects with resistant hypertension suspected to have an adrenal cause. METHODS On 75 hypertensive patients uncontrolled by at least a(More)
BACKGROUND Masked hypertension has been associated with obesity. However, because most studies do not mention the specific cuff size used for home measurements, masked hypertension prevalence may have been overestimated in obese patients because of undersized cuffs. In this prospective, observational study, the effect of miscuffing on hypertension status(More)
To improve the management of resistant hypertension, the French Society of Hypertension, an affiliate of the French Society of Cardiology, has published a set of eleven recommendations. The primary objective is to provide the most up-to-date information based on the strongest scientific rationale and that is easily applicable to daily clinical practice.(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare two periods of three days of home blood pressure monitoring (HBPM) using two different monitors with one including MAM (microlife average mode) technology. METHODS In 152 hypertensive subjects referred to hypertension specialists, a self-measurement of blood pressure was performed sequentially with an Omron M6 (arm cuff, A/A, BHS(More)
This paper presents the results of the concept selection, refinement, and verification phases of the conceptual design for the space launch capability of the Peacekeeper Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM). The redesigned Peacekeeper Space Launch Vehicle (SLV) is intended to serve primarily as a rapid resupply system for the International Space(More)
Treatment resistant hypertension is defined as a blood pressure not achieving a goal blood pressure (< 140/90 mm Hg). The diagnosis of resistant hypertension requires use of good blood pressure technique to confirm persistently elevated blood pressure levels. Pseudoresistance, including lack of blood pressure control secondary to poor medication adherence(More)
Hypertension and type-2 diabetes are frequently observed concomitantly in a same patient. There are possibilities to delay the onset of type-2 diabetes, especially in patients already managed for hypertension. Trials on renin-angiotensin blockers show that compared to other drug therapies, there is a lower incidence of diabetes in patients treated by an(More)