Frédéric Hauville

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This paper deals with the development of a Matlab–Simulink model of a marine current turbine system through the modeling of the resource and the rotor. The simulation model has two purposes: performances and dynamic loads evaluation in different operating conditions and control system development for turbine operation based on pitch and speed control. In(More)
This work presents a full scale experimental study on the aero-elastic wind/sails/rig interaction in real navigation conditions with the aim to give an experimental validation of unsteady Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) models applied to yacht sails. An inboard instrumentation system has been developed on a J80 yacht to simultaneously and dynamically(More)
A numerical investigation of the dynamic Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) of a yacht sail plan submitted to harmonic pitching is presented to address both issues of aerodynamic unsteadiness and structural deformation. The FSI model — Vortex Lattice Method fluid model and Finite Element structure model — has been validated with full-scale measurements. It(More)
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