Frédéric Guénard

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Obesity and overnutrition during pregnancy affect fetal programming of adult disease. Children born after maternal bariatric gastrointestinal bypass surgery (AMS) are less obese and exhibit improved(More)
AbstractThe BRIP1 gene encodes a helicase interacting with BRCA1, which contributes to BRCA1-associated DNA repair function. Germ-line BRIP1 mutations affecting the helicase domain activity have been(More)
Inactivating mutations of the CHEK2 and STK11 genes are responsible for Li-Fraumeni and Peutz-Jeghers syndrome, respectively, both autosomal dominant syndromes associated with an increased risk of(More)
The AURKA oncogene is associated with abnormal chromosome segregation and aneuploidy and predisposition to cancer. Amplification of AURKA has been detected at higher frequency in tumors from BRCA1(More)
Breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease displaying some degree of familial clustering. Highly penetrant breast cancer susceptibility genes represent approximately 20–25% of the familial aggregation(More)