Frédéric Courivaud

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Assessment of vascular properties is essential to diagnosis and follow-up and basic understanding of pathogenesis in brain tumors. In this study, a procedure is presented that allows concurrent estimation of cerebral perfusion, blood volume, and blood-brain permeability from dynamic T(1)-weighted imaging of a bolus of a paramagnetic contrast agent passing(More)
Anatomical standardization (also called spatial normalization) of positron emission tomography (PET) small animal brain images is required to make statistical comparisons across individuals. Frequently, PET images are co-registered to an individual MR or CT image of the same subject in order to transform the functional images to an anatomical space. In the(More)
A novel spectroscopic imaging method with high spectral and spatial resolution was developed for the specific goal of assessing muscle fat. Sensitivity to the methylene and methyl protons of fatty acids was improved by the use of a binomial 1 1 excitation pulse instead of the standard radiofrequency (RF) pulse. Acceptable measurement time is achieved by(More)
BACKGROUND Axillary plexus blocks are usually guided by ultrasound, but alternative methods may be used when ultrasound equipment is lacking. For a nonultrasound-guided axillary block, the need for three injections has been questioned. OBJECTIVES Could differences in block success between single, double and triple deposits methods be explained by(More)
Quantification of intramyocellular lipids (IMCL) in obese subjects by single-voxel spectroscopy (SVS) or conventional spectroscopic imaging (SI) often fails due to overlap of IMCL spectral lines by extramyocellular lipids (EMCL), and signal contamination from subcutaneous fat and bone marrow. This study demonstrates that these problems can be solved by(More)
Thermal ablation techniques using heat conduction (e.g. radiofrequency ablation) are sensitive to the cooling effect of blood flow, the heat sink effect. Thermal abla-tion by high intensity ultrasound guided by magnetic resonance imaging (MRgHIFU), is less dependent on heat conduction, and produces sharply delineated ablated volumes. The aim of this study(More)
PURPOSE This paper presents and evaluates stochastic computer algorithms used to automatically detect and track marked catheter tip during MR-guided catheterization. The algorithms developed employ extraction and matching of regional features of the catheter tip to perform the localization. METHOD To perform the tracking, a probability map that indicates(More)
Acknowledgmenets I would like to thank Associate Professor Tor Endestad (supervisor) for support, advice, feedback, writing critique, and most of all, for making my ambitious project a possibility. testing, analysis and writing of the thesis was done by the author, as well as the implementation of the real-time fMRI capabilities at the Intervention Center,(More)
Inhibition of complement factor 5 (C5) reduced myocardial infarction in animal studies, while no benefit was found in clinical studies. Due to lack of cross-reactivity of clinically used C5 antibodies, different inhibitors were used in animal and clinical studies. Coversin (Ornithodoros moubata complement inhibitor, OmCI) blocks C5 cleavage and binds(More)
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