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Moving music indexing technologies developed in a research lab to their integration and use in the context of a third-party search and navigation engine that indexes music files, archives of TV music programs and video-clips, involves a set of choices and works that we relate here. First one has to choose technologies that perform well, which are scalable(More)
This extended abstract concerns one of the two systems submitted by IRCAM for participation in the MIREX 2010 classification and tagging tasks. The system is adaptive and can handle both single-label classification tasks (genre, mood, artist) and multilabel tasks (tagging). Adaptability is attained by means of automatic feature and model selection , which(More)
The LIAISON immunoassay analyser was tested in a multicentre evaluation performed by 8 laboratories. The analytes evaluated were CA 15-3, CA 19-9, CA 125II, AFP, CEA, NSE and PSA. Excellent results were obtained for within-run and between-run precision with most assays showing within-run CVs < 5% and between-run CVs between 4 and 8%. The linearity of all(More)
Abstinence behaviour after disulfiram implantation has been investigated in 21 chronic alcoholics. The blood levels of disulfiram and its metabolites, carbon disulfide (CS2) and reduced disulfiram (diethyldithiocarbamate) were determined and the blood levels of patients with implants were compared with those of patients receiving disulfiram orally. The(More)