Frédéric Bosché

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This paper presents a system to manipulate 3D objects or navigate through 3D models by detecting the gestures and the movements of the hands of a user in front of a camera mounted on top of a screen. This paper more particularly introduces an improved skin color segmentation algorithm which combines an online and an offline model; and a Haarlet-based hand(More)
Augmented Reality (AR) is a rapidly developing field with numerous potential applications. For example , building developers, public authorities, and other construction industry stakeholders need to visually assess potential new developments with regard to aesthetics , health and safety, and other criteria. Current state-of-the-art visualization(More)
In this paper we present a novel visual-inertial 6-DOF localization approach that can be directly integrated in a wearable immersive system for simulation and training. In this context, while CAVE environments typically require complex and expensive set-up, our approach relies on visual and inertial information provided by commodity hardware, <i>i.e</i>. a(More)
The construction industry remains one of the riskiest of all. This risk is mainly the result of a poorly controlled, and thus uncertain, environment. For instance, construction progress is often improperly controlled, resulting in some unnoticed errors with considerable impact on later project activities, and ultimately project success. Better progress(More)
Developing three dimensional models of infrastructure and construction in progress can be useful for designing modifications, for tracking work completed, and for facilitating advanced equipment control and safety functions. An emerging 3D modeling method involves scanning scenes with laser ranging devices. The resulting dense or sparse point clouds are(More)
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