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This paper presents the results of a research project where the combination of techniques of sequence-based requirements specification and modelbased statistical testing has been applied to a real mirror control unit of a car door for reliability estimations. A complete chain from a requirements document to a statistical test report with a very high degree(More)
Based on recent detailed quantum mechanical computations of the mechanism of the title reaction and, this paper presents kinetics analysis of the overall rate constant and its temperature dependence, for which ample experimental data are available for comparison. The analysis confirms that the principal channel is the formation of acetonyl radical + H(2)O,(More)
Kinetic and Statistical Thermodynamical Package (KiSThelP) is a cross-platform free open-source program developed to estimate molecular and reaction properties from electronic structure data. To date, three computational chemistry software formats are supported (Gaussian, GAMESS, and NWChem). Some key features are: gas-phase molecular thermodynamic(More)
Lack of enzyme inhibition selectivity is frequently the major drawback preventing the development of enzyme inhibitors. Sulfonylhydrazides have recently been suggested to act as zinc ligands. Consequently, such derivatives potentially possess important industrial or therapeutic implications. DFT calculations (B3LYP/6-31G**+LANL2DZ theory level) of the(More)
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