Frédéric Bes

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Multimedia information encapsulated inside documents is more and more specific because its content is specified using domain vocabularies. Their integration in space and time to form a document implies transformation steps to produce "presentation structures".In this context presentation languages and formatters must be enhanced to cover new needs of(More)
We are interested in applications that automatically generate a dynamic multimedia presentation adapted to the needs of the user from a database of XML fragments of basic elements (video, images, paragraphs, etc.). In this paper we present an architecture which goal is to support developers of such applications. This architecture takes benefits from both(More)
In this paper, we present a framework for coupling an existing formatting system such as SMIL[7] and Madeus[13] with a formatting control system XEF[10]. This framework allows the coupling process to be performed at two levels: 1) the language level, which is concerned with how to link the control features of XEF and the elements of an existing formatting(More)
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