Frédéric Barral

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UNLABELLED : The Lyon Brace, or adjustable multi-shell brace, has been used for more than 60 years.The use and function of the Lyon Brace includes:- The utilization of one or two corrective plaster casts, which enables a true lengthening of the concave ligaments.- An oriented CAD-CAM moulding in 3D auto correction after the removal of the plaster cast.- A(More)
Neurologic manifestations occur in over 90% of patients with thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura. Neuropathologically, thrombi produce occlusion of terminal arterioles and capillaries resulting in diffuse small infarcts. In the great majority of surviving patients, brain CT does not disclose any abnormalities. The authors report a case of thrombotic(More)
BACKGROUND The symmetrical Lyon brace is a brace, usually used to maintain correction after a plaster cast reduction in the Cotrel's EDF (Elongation-Derotation-Flexion) frame. The new Lyon brace or ARTbrace is an immediate corrective brace based on some of the principles of the plaster cast which are improved due to advances in CAD/CAM technology. The aim(More)
Screening of scoliosis means it is possible to make an early diagnosis. Treatment is started when the angle reading is still quite low but as soon as it has been proven that the scoliosis is progressive. A 3-D examination of the scoliosis makes it possible to have a better understanding of its development, which is in kyphosis at lumbar level and in(More)
We consider the problem of incorporation of new computational rules in lambda calculus with inductive types and recursion. We consider the extensions of standard reduction systems by certain new reductions preserving strong normalization and Church-Rosser property with possible applications to proof assistants and computer algebra systems. компьютерной(More)
BACKGROUND The conservative orthopaedic treatment of adult scoliosis is very disappointing. In a series of 144 patients; only 25 % (33 cases) were monitored at 2 years of treatment. (Papadopoulos 2013). Thereby the literature typically focuses on a small number of patients, which limits the usefulness and relevance of its results. The brace effect on pain(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the frequency of adult scoliosis, very few publications concern the conservative orthopaedic treatments. The indications have not been defined to date. The experience of a department specialized in rigid bracing allows us to consolidate and clarify diagnosis and indications as well. METHODS Individual observational prospective cohort(More)