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BACKGROUND AND AIM There is limited published information on gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST) in the South Asian region. This study was conducted to describe the demographic characteristics, organ distribution and frequency of risk categories in cases of GIST referred to a tertiary hospital. METHODS Data pertaining to 37 cases of gastrointestinal(More)
INTRODUCTION Situs inversus is an uncommon anomaly. Situs inversus viscerum can be either total or partial. Total situs inversus, also termed as mirror image dextrocardia, is characterized by a heart on the right side of the midline while the liver and the gall bladder are on the left side. Patients are usually asymptomatic and have a normal lifespan. The(More)
Mixed epithelial and stromal tumour of kidney is a recently described, rare entity and includes cases previously termed as cystic hamartoma of renal pelvis and adult mesoblastic nephroma. We report a case of 36 years old female who presented with a history of recurrent loose stools for 5 years. During ultrasound abdomen, a solid right renal mass was(More)
INTRODUCTION Phytobezoars are concretions of poorly digested fruit and vegetable fibers found in the alimentary tract. Previous gastric resection, gastrojejunostomy, or pyloroplasty predispose people to bezoar formation. Small-bowel bezoars normally come from the stomach, and primary small-bowel bezoars are very rare. They are seen only in patients with(More)
Metaplastic carcinoma breast is categorized as a rare heterogenous neoplasm generally characterized by a mixture of adenocarcinoma with dominant areas of spindle cell, squamous and/or other mesenchymal differentiation. To determine the epidemio-demographic and histopathologic characteristics of this rare entity a retrospective study was conducted to review(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the association of adenomyotic foci with co-existing benign ovarian cysts.  METHODS This prospective cross-sectional study consisted of 100 consecutive hysterectomy specimens referred to Histopathology Section of Pathology Department, Peshawar Medical College, Peshawar, Pakistan by its attached teaching hospitals from January 2011 to(More)
BACKGROUND The objectives of the study were to: 1) determine the frequency of incidental malignancy in unsuspected/grossly normal looking gall bladders; 2) determine the frequency of malignancy in suspected/grossly abnormal looking gall bladders. MATERIALS AND METHODS This prospective, cross sectional study was carried out at a tertiary care hospital in(More)
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