Fouad Nagm

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Adequately considering the intangible value of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) investments has been problematic for as long as organisations have been making ICT investment decisions. This paper presents a framework for considering the intangible capital value of ICT investments. The framework applies the tripartite model of intangible(More)
This research aims to advance understanding of how investments in Information Technologies (IT) impact on firm performance by developing and testing an advanced model of IT business value. Research so far has provided incomplete and controversial evidence as to the difference that IT investments made on firms' performance. This research adopts a novel(More)
Pre-investment evaluation of information system project proposals persists in being problematic and highly risky in practice. Numerous evaluation approaches and methodologies, offered in the literature, have not contributed to major improvements in practice. As the literature review shows, these methodologies have assumed an ideal of objective and(More)
The dominant view in the information systems (IS) and software engineering literature is that the application of a rigorous pre-investment evaluation methodology is the key to ensuring the selection of the best IS projects – that is those with the highest expected value for the organisation and with the highest probability of success. While the literature(More)
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