Fouad Bennis

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In ergonomics and biomechanics, muscle fatigue models based on maximum endurance time (MET) models are often used to integrate fatigue effect into ergonomic and biomechanical application. However, due to the empirical principle of those MET models, the disadvantages of this method are: 1) the MET models cannot reveal the muscle physiology background very(More)
Automation technique has been widely used in manufacturing industry, but there are still manual handling operations required in assembly and maintenance work in industry. Inappropriate posture and physical fatigue might result in musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in such physical jobs. In ergonomics and occupational biomechanics, virtual human modelling(More)
This paper presents a sensitivity analysis of the Orthoglide, a 3-DOF translational Parallel Kinematic Machine. Two complementary methods are developed to analyze its sensitivity to its dimensional and angular variations. First, a linkage kinematic analysis method is used to have a rough idea of the influence of the dimensional variations on the location of(More)
Although automatic techniques have been employed in manufacturing industries to increase productivity and efficiency, there are still lots of manual handling jobs, especially for assembly and maintenance jobs. In these jobs, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are one of the major health problems due to overload and cumulative physical fatigue. With(More)
Human muscle fatigue is considered to be one of the main reasons for Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD). Recent models have been introduced to define muscle fatigue for static postures. However, the main drawbacks of these models are that the dynamic effect of the human and the external load are not taken into account. In this paper, each human joint is assumed(More)
This paper provides a new robust design method to dimension a mechanism and to synthesize its dimensional tolerances. The general issue is to find a robust mechanism for a given task, and to compute its optimal dimensional tolerances. For that purpose, the developed approach follows two consecutive steps, which are independent and complementary. First, the(More)
Cumulative local muscle fatigue may lead to potential musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) risks, and subject-specific muscle fatigability needs to be considered to reduce potential MSD risks. This study was conducted to determine local muscle fatigue rate at shoulder joint level based on an exponential function derived from a muscle fatigue model. Forty male(More)
The paper presented by Gautier and Khalil [1] gives a direct and efficient method to calculate most of the minimum inertial parameters of serial robots. Some parameters concerning the translational links between the first rotational joints which are not parallel need particular calculation, partial results concerning the case where these links are either(More)